Sunday, October 26, 2014

Things that make me smile

So I had the most amazing day on Friday.  I was at a local business women's network meeting a month or so back and one of the ladies was talking about a local Senior Day Center.  It is run by a non profit organization so that caregivers can drop off seniors and get a bit of a respite.  I spoke with a friend who is working there (she does an amazing job with exercises for them) and she said they are always looking for volunteers.  So I volunteered to provide the supplies and my time and to go there to make cards with them for the holidays.  I realized these people have no way to go purchase a card for their caregivers and who wants to ask someone to make their own card.  I was very nervous as I had never done anything like this.  So I designed two ideas (very simple) one had some things that were stamped using my Close to my Heart stamps that they could color in and the other used the sticker concept for those with less mobility.  I meet a lady who loved the whole thing, she was a retired Kindergartner teacher and when we were finished with the activity she said all we need now is a glass of milk and some graham crackers and a nap.  Their sense of humor is wonderful.  Another lady was a retired doctor, one gentleman had a veterans hat on and when he kept calling me ma'am I knew I was dealing with a vet so I asked what branch of service he had been in (the Navy) he was thrilled to learn I have a Marine son and that I had served in the Air Force.  They were all so generous and caring, I had a blast.  At the end one gentleman said "now do we give the cards back to you?"  I responded with "no they are yours to keep and you can give them to someone special in your life".  When I went to leave this gentleman (named John) handed me one of the cards he had made and said "you are special".  Well as you can imagine I was overcome with emotion and simply cried as I thanked him for the beautiful card.  I have never been so touched and these were the most important cards I will ever design.  I am already scheduled to return next month.  Moral of the story, reach out to someone who needs you and you will be repaid in ways untold.

Here is John making his card....

Happy Crafting!!!