Thursday, September 11, 2014

Its here, Its here, Artfully Sent is officially Launched!!!

The long awaited announcement has been made, the new Close to my Heart Artfully Sent Cricut cartridge is now available.  I just ordered mine and I am already stalking the FedEx driver, LOL.  I was lucky enough to make some cards from this cartridge at convention in June and everyone who sees them just raves about them.  Here is an overview of the features it offers.  This cartridge is only available through a Close to my Heart consultant so please click on the shopping cart at the top of this blog to order yours today or you can contact me if you have any questions.  And just look at what is included with it!!! 

 This cartridge has:
Þ    250 card pieces + 150 small projects = 400 unique projects from 700 images
Þ    assortment of envelopes
Þ    alphabet

BUNDLE includes:
Þ    Cartridge & full color book
Þ    3 stamp sets
o   Sentiments
o   Frames
o   Alphabet – coordinates with Font on cartridge
Þ    24 pack of White Daisy Cardstock

A TOTAL of 25 themes, cut from 50 different keys in different card formats. 

POP-UP KEY – 5x7 cards
Þ    50 bases
Þ    50 liners – some have tabs
Þ    Most pop up cards take 4 cuts….2 cuts on pop-up function & 2 cuts on icon function
Þ    Most intricate of the cards on this cartridge
Þ    SHIFT + POP-UP funct  are LINKED images.

Þ    Find sentiments or images that coordinate with bases and/or liners.
Þ    the icon images are used to bring color to the cards
Þ    None of the icon images are “tic-marked”….so you can use the owl or deer on another project without having those tic-marks to worry about.
Þ    If the Icon needs to be added to the tab attachment, then you will need to score the icon PRIOR TO applying to the pop image.
Þ    SHIFT + ICON funct – includes MORE decorative pieces for your pop up cards.
Þ    100 different icons on the ICON and Shift ICON key! This allows you to make 50 pop-up cards with each card needing 4 different pieces to make it complete.
Þ    SHIFT + ICON funct are LINKED images.  (enter 1 size…1 time, and Expression machine will cut all 4 card pieces to fit together perfectly!)

Not all keys on this cartridge are linked….but they are on the Icon & Pop-Up function keys

SCENE KEY – (Build-a-Scene) 5x7 cards
Þ    A couple different card styles
Þ    Some feature layers that create scenes or phrases
Þ    Some feature, unique moving pieces
Þ    SWING cards - Largest category
Þ    Scene Key will ONLY cut base of swing card – not inserts.
Þ    BACKDROP cards….cards that have a solid back (no negative space) & an attached scenic top layer (will vary in different card sizes)
Þ    TRI-PANEL cards…(build-a-scene card)
                  3 panels
                  vary in finished size (so they fit on Cricut mat)
Þ    SHIFT + Scene key = coordinating pieces that accompany them (inserts, icons, etc) they are used to embellish.  They are LINKED images.

SENTIMENT KEY –(50) 5x7 cards
Þ    Each has a cheerful sentiment cut into base.
Þ    A little bit simpler cards
Þ    Birthday wishes, Sympathy, Words of Gratitude, & more
Þ    SHIFT + SENTIMENT – cuts 4 ¼ x 5 ½ BORDER cards

SLEEVE KEY – 4x6 sleeves
Þ    Intended to create a card that fits a photo.
Þ    Can be sized DOWN…3 ½” is perfect for gift cards
Þ    No linking all cut as a single piece.
Þ    1 side is decorative front, 1 solid back – use tabs to adhere together
Þ    SHIFT + SLEEVE = 5x7 Overlay cards (BONUS feature on this key )
Þ    No words, just a flat piece with cut overlay, icons & patterns

POCKET KEY – 4x6 & 4x3 cards
Þ    Very Easy
Þ    (50) 4x6 & (50) 4x3 cards
Þ    For use with PML
Þ    Tags, card fronts,

BASE Function
Þ    Font
Þ    (7) 4 ¼” x 5 ½” envelopes
Þ    (6) 5x7 envelopes
Þ    EACH envelope has a coordinating liner.
Þ    Cuts are on keys 38-49 & each envelope is linked to it’s appropriate liner

BEYOND cards!!
There are SO MANY ways to use these “cards”…and use them on MANY different projects!!
  • Layouts – cut pieces of image & attach to a page, use overlays as part of page!
  • 3D boxes –
  • Home Décor
  • Invitations