Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Holiday Cards

I was out shopping yesterday and couldn't believe my eyes.  It isn't even October and the Christmas decorations are coming out.  I know it seems so early but for us crafters it is the right time to get started.  For years I promised myself I was going to "find" the time to make handmade holiday cards for my friends and family.  Well last year was the first time I "found" the time.  How did I do that?  It was easy, I used a kit that allowed me to personalize my cards.  With that said the kit also provided me with all the supplies and ideas I could use so I wasn't running from store to store to find products and I wasn't left scratching my head trying to guess what the finished product would look like.  The result was beautiful cards and thrilled family and friends.  Along with that came crafting time that was fun and stress free and a sense of accomplishment.  Try the Frosted Card Making Kit to achieve just that.  At $24.95 to make 15 cards the cost is less than $1.70 each (see if you can find cards this beautiful anywhere for that price, much less handmade cards).  My only problem was trying to decide who was going to get what design since I loved them all (see the photo in my last post).  Happy crafting.